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What I Do

Hi, I’m Susie! I am a Melbourne based Professional Organiser & Declutter Coach with a passion for restoring order and calm into your home and work space.

I love helping people achieve the same sense of relief I first felt when I decided to really commit to being organised.

I provide emotional and practical support, instead of pressuring you to either keep or purge items. And my understanding of the internal process helps you achieve a state of readiness and clarity for focussing on your personal goals.

Together, we can achieve a clear and positive atmosphere for you when Moving to A New House, Growing your Business, Meeting Changing Family Needs, Having a Career Change, Ageing OR Reaching a Different Life Stage.

Let’s Organise & Declutter Your Spaces Together

Swift, Professional and Supportive

The process of letting go can be emotionally complex. Our clients respond well to the atmosphere of compassion and non- judgment that we create.

A Confidential and Personal Expereince

Sifting and sorting through belongings is a personal experience. We have a valued reputation for confidentiality.

Create extra time for yourself

Go that extra step and create extra time for yourself. After a thorough clean-out, we can implement systems to prevent future challenges and help you gain control over your space.


In the busy-ness of life, kitchens can quickly become an overwhelming mess of outdated pantry items and sticky shelves.

A thorough makeover every second year is ideal. And may even leave you feeling excited about cooking again!

Cupboards need to be wiped down and often re-categorised. Fads come and go, cooking styles change and items become obsolete. And kitchen benches, which are a classic dumping ground for everything from bills to toys, need a total re-set.

Even small spaces look and feel roomy when they are well organised.

Let me help you regain control of your kitchen and make the centre of your home a pleasure to be in again.


Bedrooms can become a dumping ground for things we don’t know what to do with.

And creating a restful and clutter free space will not only improve your sleep, but also provide a sense of calm.

Energy needs to be able to move freely around your sleeping space. And when mess and clutter has built up over time, it can cause energy to stagnate. This can have a negative impact on sleep quality.

I can help you to re-set your bedroom and create a functional and cosy sleep space.


Even a small bathroom can become a sanctuary of calm.  But these spaces can easily end up with lots and lots of little things. And nowhere to put them!

Tiny shampoos and soaps from a hotel stay that sit there for years. Or other items that we’ve just moved on from.

The same goes for make-up, which in most cases expires after a year or so. And out of date medications.

Sometimes there can be so much stuff that we can’t even find the thing we need and instead go out and buy more.

Needless to say, all of this can also make cleaning the bathroom more time consuming. And nobody wants that.

An organised bathroom can make the morning rush less stressful.

If this sounds like you, I am here to help!


Did you know that items moved out of the home and into the garage are often destined NEVER to be used again?

Every year garages everywhere are being clogged with miscellaneous items from old tax returns, baby products, past hobbies, unfinished craft projects, broken festive decorations, tins of paint, and gardening equipment.

A well organised garage can be a wonderful extra bit of space to use for a current hobby, table tennis, or to store useful things that don’t need to live with you in your primary space.

So, if you’ve been putting off tackling your garage, I’d love to help you.


Wardrobes can be an overwhelming source of frustration on a daily basis.

Our bodies, tastes and fashions change.

Occasions, jobs and holidays come and go.

And before we know it, we have a wardrobe bursting with unworn clothes.

The sheer dollar value spent on these items also makes us feel guilty. And we hold on to things ‘just in case’.

It really is no wonder that wardrobe decluttering is such a common struggle area. It can be such a big and daunting job and one that many of us would prefer to put off.  I can assure you though, it is much easier with help.

I have a simple wardrobe sorting technique that speeds up the process and takes the stress out of letting go.

I can also show you some new folding techniques that can help regain much needed space in your wardrobe and eliminate the ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ scenario.


Even with huge advancements in technology we still seem to be drowning in paper. And it can be really hard to know what to do with it all.

Without effective systems in place our office spaces can quickly resemble overcrowded storage rooms. And it can be hard to think clearly.

But don’t worry, a satisfying home office is within reach. Together we will sort through the backlog as well as set up methods to manage future documents too.

An office is an area that takes time, and people often have the misconception that they’ll be able to sort it out out over a rainy weekend. But, generally this never happens.

It is definitely worth the effort though – the results can be life changing!

An office area is often the nerve centre of your life.  Imagine being able to find everything you need whenver you need it?

No more late or double payments, scrambling for a birth certificate or tax receipts. You’ll have a space to achieve your goals, pursue your creative capabilities, take time to think, plan and to start new projects.

At Susie White Organising we can also help you to Organise Internal or External Storage, Donate/Gift/Sell/or Throw-away Unwanted Items, Create Household Inventory for Insurance Purposes, File & Reduce Paper, Create Household Systems & Manuals for Elderly/Dementia/Memory Loss/Life Changes, Create Easy to Follow Tips for Kids & Teenagers, Create Bill Paying Systems, Create Storage Unit Inventories with Photos, Organise/Digitize & Display Artwork, Photographs & Treasured Items, Design/Implement or Recommend Storage Systems. If your project is not listed, please let me know. I’d love to help you!

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation

We will have an initial discussion over the phone to discuss your requirments.

2. Quote & Proposal

I will provide you with an estimation of how long each of the areas/projects will take to declutter and reorganise. Pricing starts at $95p/h with a 3 hour minimum.

3. Set a Date

We will then set a date or schedule a series of dates to kick things off and keep the process on track.

4. Relax

I’m here to help, not to judge. Sometimes just knowing that you’ve taken the first step towards tackling your situation can help relieve stress.


How much do you charge per hour?

Pricing starts at $95 per hour with a 3 hour minimum call out fee. Materials are not included in this cost and there be a small travel fee for some locations.

What suburbs do you service?

Susie White Organising services all Melbourne suburbs within a 15km radius of 3122.


Kind Words From Happy Clients

Susie was so easy to work with and so understanding and flexible. She was also happy to give me the prod I needed at times to part with that favourite top, dress or hat.

We worked through my apartment in stages doing half days at a time, which I found worked well for me. Susie also had lots of great tips and storage solutions.

For me my bedroom was the hardest (nightmare is probably more like it!).  But the process was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and now all my clothes are hanging in order on matching coat hangers.

When Susie left for the last time I was left with a organised, functional and fabulous home.

Susie is one in a million! A soft kind soul, who knows how to work efficiently to maximise the best possible outcome in an appropriate timeframe. You can trust Susie in your home and know she will continue working alone to get the job done.

Thank you so much Susie, I know I will need you again in the months to come!
Liz Long

Owner of Luscious Affairs Catering, Hawthorn (VIC)

I engaged Susie’s services not long after having my second child – when life became both messier and busier. I knew that I needed help to find more ease and order and, as a fellow Mum, Susie understood the time and attention constraints we had to work with.

It’s great to feel the transformation occurring not only in my house, but also in my life. And I always look forward to our sessions as I feel a great sense of lightness, accomplishment and clarity afterwards.

Susie has such a calm and kind manner yet is still firm enough to ensure you progress, gently nudging you along. And she is highly skilled at managing the psychological and emotional side of decluttering too, which is so important.

Susie is also generous with practical tips to help keep you on track and organised outside of sessions. And although I have totally caught the declutter bug now, nothing beats having someone there to turbo charge a session and overcome roadblocks that can stall progress.

I highly recommend Susie’s services and my best advice would be don’t battle it out alone or wait for the perfect time to get started. That time is now! You won’t regret it.


Melbourne (VIC)

I  am so impressed with Susie – she completely exceeded my expectations.
I have always been challenged with organising my office arrangements and the advice she has given me has transformed how I do things and added so much efficiency to my every day work.

The follow up that Susie provided was incredible.  She has undertaken the research on where to find the best products that helped me with my final solution and provided me with a four page document outlining what I need, a picture of the item and where to get it from.

If I was trying to find the best products on my own this would take me many days and I would still not get as good of a result.   For people like me that have a busy work life having someone like Susie coming in is something I see as an essential service.
Jennifer Lauber

Essendon (VIC)

I have used Susie’s de-cluttering services to help me sort through a lifetime of accumulated paperwork and clutter.

Susie has always been thoughtful, empathetic, while at the same time providing strong direction to help me shed the unnecessary while keeping, and effectively filing, the important paperwork/documents.

Susie uses a system of disposal which allows me to work with her as part of the letting go process, which has helped me get my life back under control.


Malvern (VIC)

Susie has the kind of warm, understanding spirit that makes you feel free to be yourself.  That meant the world to me as I went through a lot of emotions while I let things go. I didn’t feel self conscious when I was stressed and anxious, and she never made me feel silly for fretting over some trivial item that I was hung up about.


Newport Beach (NSW)

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